Input SWF URL, Output HTML5 Code In Moment

The Flash to HTML5 Online service converts the online SWF file to HTML5 animation that will be stored on our server. When visitors browse your website, our server will provide intelligent services according to your settings,so the visitors can view your animation seamlessly.

Tips: No idea of getting the URL of a SWF file? Here is a little trick on how to get the URL of an online SWF?

Please input a SWF URL

1. The Flash to HTML5 Online service supports the SWF files under Flash 6, the involved elements are: Shape, Morph Shape, Image, Text, Font, Sprite, and partial ActionScript 1.0; Temporarily not supports converting Sound, Video, Button and ActionScript 2.0/3.0.
2. To best play the converted HTML5 animation, please use the online service with following HTML5 compatible browsers: IE9+, Chrome11+, Firefox5+, Safari4+.

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